Brazilians Fed up with High Costs

Brazilians Fed up with High Costs

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Shoppers in Brazil, having learned what items cost abroad need to brace themselves when buying a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone: the same model that costs $615 in the United States is nearly double that in Brazil. An even bigger shock awaits parents needing a crib: the cheapest one at Tok & Stok costs over $440, more than six times the price of a similarly made item at Ikea in the United States.  I guess Brazilians finally realize that they pay too much for goods and services. Who to blame: in my opinion, taxes and greedy from the market, which combine is a receipt for disaster.

Residents of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro spend a much larger share of their salaries to ride the bus than residents of New York or Paris. Yet the price of transportation is just one example of the struggles that many Brazilians face in making ends meet.

Read Simon Romero’s The New York Times article here:

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